What kind of maintenance is needed on the machines?




  • Kaye

    I haven't gotten my system yet, can you share some examples of what to look for (other than not turning on)?

    Also, I don't see anything on the main website that talks about maintenence/calibration, costs or specific information about getting it done.

    Is there further information about this process? 

  • Patton Fickett

    Hello Kaye, 

    There is not something in particular to look for.  If you find that the machine is not turning on, or a part is not functioning - it will be obvious.  

    If you bought through us, calibration is free.  Our 3 year warranty will cover any maintenance needs in that time frame.  We generally keep maintenance costs low of it is out of warranty.  Worst case scenario would still be under $100.

    Give us a call if you would like to get your unit calibrated.  At this time we don't have a process online but will be developing one.  

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